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CBSE Geospatial Technology Course for Higher Classes
Tuesday,25 September 2012

The CBSE board of education has decided to introduce ‘Geospatial Technology’ as vocational course for higher secondary classes. The course will come into effect from the new academic session (2013-2014) and will offer immense opportunity for students to understand technology related with mapping and applications.

Geospatial Technology course will include chapters for unfolding the basic concept of geospatial database along with theory and analysis that are applied practically. The course will aid students to take geospatial knowledge for professional growth and acquire a bright future ahead.

The new subject will be offered as a single vocational course in Class XI and Class XII and students are allowed to take it as an elective paper with any other combination of subjects at the senior secondary level. The subject can also be taken as additional sixth subjects as per the rules and regulations set by the Central Board of Secondary Education.

In order to inform and educate people about this new course, the board has decided to organize a workshop and teacher-training programmes. As of now, the textbooks and practical manuals have been designed and published by the CBSE under the guidance of a Geospatial Solutions Company (Rolta India Ltd).

Besides Geospatial Technology course, the board has also prepared vocational course on retail operations and services, medical diagnostics, foundry technology, front office operations, food production, food and beverage services, mass media and media production and others.


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Source: Deccan Herald

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