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CBSE Question Paper, Test Papers for Class 7th to 12th
Wednesday,07 September 2011

CBSE question papers can be an useful preparatory tool to be exam ready. Every examination question paper has some element of unpredictability. If you the use of the preparatory tool of test paper and practice you can minimize and gradual eliminate the unpredictable element. Your impending examinations could bring before you near to solved questions to, tough, interesting and challenging questions. No one is sure which can be a easy or a tough question, though there can be come common denominator of the overall challenges the examination questions have posed to all, but you practice and preparations can say it all.

CBSE has made CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) for Class IX and Class X. Many schools affiliated to CBSE, to assess the progress and aptitude level of students and inculcate self-learning have introduced the CCE pattern for other classes. Though such a step is a mock exercise for other than prescribed classes is make them understand the process when they are in the higher classes, students need to practice and undertake the test papers for class 7, classes 8, including class 9, class 10th, and class 11 to improve their performance. Test papers for class 12th can be a boon for students preparing to launch their careers.

Test papers for class 7 to class 12 are necessary tool for self learning and self assessment. It is a scaling up process in learning and education. Most concepts from Class 7 onwards demand developing reasoning abilities from students to understand, apply, and develop it further during the higher classes learning. In a way test papers for any of the classes provided could be made use by a student studying in higher classes to revise and regain understanding. For example, a class 9 or Class 11th student can make use of the class 7th, class 8th   or class 10th test paper for revision or preparation. They can become clues for their exam questions.

Online education sites provide test papers for class 7th, test papers for Class 8th, test papers for Class 9th, test papers for Class 10th, test papers for Class 11th test papers for to Class 12th covering the CBSE syllabus and the NCERT text books, separately. These test papers cover various subjects prescribed by CBSE for studies at various levels. The test papers on the online education sites provide student to take a state by stage test based on the level of their preparation. These test papers provide stage wise challenging question for preparation. They provide spot evaluation and also the correct answers and explanation if referred to the sources on the site.

Social networking sites that provide e learning tools including test papers for Class 7th to Class 12th along with networking could be a useful forum to spend their time purposefully to learn as they involve in fun and frolic. These edusocial corners as they are popularly known provide expert subject matter support to students who can avail their guidance as they solve these test papers. These sites also give classes in various interesting hobbies, guitar, and cooking.


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