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Change Your Stream without Fees
Tuesday,29 May 2012

Good news for senior secondary students! Students of class XI will not have to pay additional admission fees or buy new textbooks when changing the streams following their examination results. For years now, when a class XI student wishes to switch on to a different stream, he/she would have to pay the fees again. But now, the CBSE board has decided to bring changes in this procedure.

A recent circular by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) states that school will not charge any additional fees to students for changing the streams. Moreover, students will get new set of textbooks from the school for free of cost.

For the past few years, CBSE schools have been starting their new academic session in the month of April, following a summer break in May and then resuming the classes in June. As far as admission procedure is concerned, students of class XI will enroll new academic session under provisional admissions and their selection of streams will be confirmed once the CBSE results get declared.

However, students can get admission in the science stream only if succeed in convincing their respective schools with their learning capability. Therefore, a student who will not secure high marks in the model examinations may not get admission in the science stream. Further, sources said that a few schools may allow their students to switch on to their preferred streams as per their results.

Meanwhile, the schools have been asked to provide special coaching classes to the students without charging additional fees. The CBSE board has also suggested schools to consider the attendance of students in the month of April. The schools will also taken Unit Test 1 and 2 to judge the capability of the students and a considerable relaxation may be provided to the students who have missed the first few weeks of classes in the new session.

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