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Value-Based Questions for CBSE Class 12 Board
Tuesday,28 August 2012

For those who are going to give Class XI and XII board exams may have to give some extra effort to achieve high marks. If you are among them then be ready for the best attempt. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to add value-based questions in the exam question paper and the decision has been made to be effective from the next year (2012-2013).

The term-‘value-based question’ indicates some general questions which may be out of the subject/syllabus. Such types of questions will vary from three marks to five marks in all 15 major subjects, opted by 12th class students under CBSE board.  The format of the question will be descriptive and opinion-based wherein a student may have to justify reasons for his answers to the questions.

Example of ‘value-based’ question:

Ravi came across the ill effects of smoking on human health and society. On the very day, he went for a dinner with his family and asked his parents to sit on non-smoking area. His father is a heavy smoker and so he objects. In such situation, whom will you support- Justify your answer. Also, suggest any three effective propaganda campaigns for anti-tobacco awareness.

As per official information, the question of values will be for five marks in 100 marks paper and three to four marks in 70-90 marks question paper. Talking about the decision, the chairman of CBSE, Vineet Joshi said-“CBSE has decided to follow an interdisciplinary approach in value education where values are intermingled with the content of all the major subjects in Classes XI and XII. The Board has also decided to add 5% weightage in the major subjects (English, Hindi, mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, accountancy, history, geography, business studies, entrepreneurship and economics) in Classes XI and XII through questions which will be integrated with the content of the subject and analyzed on the basis of the values it reflects."

Therefore, it is clear that the educational system is ready to diversify to understanding the thinking ability of the students. From now onwards, don’t be surprised to see questions out of your syllabus!

Source: The Times of India



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