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Value-Based Questions for CBSE Class 12 Board
For those who are going to give Class XI and XII board exams may have to give some extra effort to achieve high marks. If you are among them then be ready for the best attempt. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to add value-based questions in the exam question paper and the decision has been made to be effective from the next year (2012-2013). The term-‘value-base...

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CBSE Website Will Now Display Quality Answers of Students
Often one realises that despite knowing the comprehensive answer to a question in an exam, one still does not get the marks one was hoping for! For a regular exam at school, one might still have the opportunity of discussing the ideal answer with the teacher. However, when it comes to the feared board exams, the trouble only deepens!  In the case of such an exam, one obviously has no idea wh...

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Solutions for CBSE Board Papers 2012
CBSE board affected major changes since the 2011 year in the examination systems. A major change made by the board was the option of students to forego the board examination and take the school final examination in its place. Students could opt whether to take the board examination or the board examination. The main objective of the board to bring in such an historic change in the evaluation syst...

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Tips for Final Revision of CBSE Board Exams
Final revision of CBSE board exams can be a challenge. It is said examination is a task where one has to recollect what one has learnt in 300 hours into a matter 3 hours. An evaluator has just 3 minutes to assess what you learnt in 300 hours and wrote in 3 hours in matter of 3 minutes to put up the results of your hard work and time consuming efforts. So, where do we squeeze in final revision for...

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CBSE Board Examination FAQs
Que. 1. What are the different sources of learning for the CBSE board examinations? Ans. Beginning from the markings of boundaries by the syllabus prescribed by the board, NCERT text books, text books published by private publishers based on NCERT text books and CBSE syllabus, sample papers provided by the board on their website, model question papers published by others including those availabl...

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CBSE India - One of the Biggest Educational Board
India has been knowledge giant since yore. Organized education and learning have been integral part of our heritage. India has been home to one of the ancient universities of the world, namely Nalanda, and Takshashila. It has been a knowledge hub for world scholars on religion, science, medicine, metallurgy, engineering, and philosophy. It has been the initiator of good economic and political dia...

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